Get ready to Start Your Training!  Please make sure you have chosen only one AM and PM class per person. Or one full day. 

  • ***Napa Hands On Class, you are encouraged to bring your scan tools and scopes
  • If you need an additional copy of your ticket, please email me.

  • Friday night arrival 
  • Please check into your accommodations, enjoy a great night's sleep.  Check in at speedway opens at 6:45 am,at the Registration Desk. You'll  need to get your name badge and meal band .
  • Saturday 11/9 7:00am
    1. There is no UBER or Lyft allowed inside  the gates of Daytona, if you need assistance, please contact us.
    2. Entrance to the event will be through the Chevy Injector entrance and parking lot, directional signs will be posted and traffic directors will steer you in the right direction. Walking from the Daytona Autograph will be through the skywalk. Map is attached.
    3. Up the stairs or escalator to the registration desk to grab your name badge and don't forget your prize entry postcard. You'll need that to enter the drawings later on for PRIZES! Visit each vendor and they will stamp your card for chances to win.
    4. Breakfast will be served from 7-8, then classes will begin.
    5. Time to get Training Smarter! Am sessions begin.
    6. Lunch
    7. Join us for our deli style buffet to fill your belly, then visit your favorite vendors to get your stamp on your prize entry card! Check out the sights before you head on to the PM sessions of training.
    8. Happy Hour!
    9. Yes, happy hour begins at 5pm! A full cash bar from 5-8pm, cheese boards and shrimp cocktail to munch on while dinner is getting ready. Now is the perfect networking opportunity
    10. Dinner will begin at 6pm, enjoy Steak or Chicken , potatoes,rice and  salad oh and veggies ! Dessert available too!                                                        


The Expo of vendors will be open all day for your convenience. Stop by and get your card stamped, winners will be announced throughout dinner.                   

 Colton James will be there to announce the Round Up program, a community service project you can proudly put your shop's name on! Colton will also be available throughout the day to sign your shop up for the program, and will perform a few tunes  

  Things to do in Daytona!

Here's a very short list of things to do while your here! Of course we hope you'll add to this for next year.

Driving on Daytona Beach

Indoor Skydiving



Space Center






and of course Disney, Universal, Sea World, Bush Gardens and Hollywood Studios...

Sunday Tour

  1. There will be three tour trams,  at 10:00 am, 10:15 am and 10:30 for your time convenience. We will meet in front of the Tickets & Tours Building.                               

       Please let us know if you have any dietary needs                                                                                   

 *Spouses:For those spouses joining us for dinner, please have them come to the chevy injector parking entrance. Shuttles from the Autograph hotel are available at the hotel desk.   

Sincerely,Mary Steele, AMAM ASA Florida 772-444-2272